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Eliminate Your Ant Problems Now

April 17, 2023

Secured Environments Pest and Wildlife - Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants are one of the most common and difficult pests to deal with. As their name suggests, carpenter ants are known for building colonies inside homes and other structures. Secured Environments Pest and Wildlife can help you get rid of the ant infestation while keeping pesticide out of the home. We offer complete exterior treatment for carpenter ants.

The first step in dealing with carpenter ants is to identify their nesting sites. This can be done by looking for tiny holes, sawdust piles, and other signs of ant activity. Once the nests have been identified, our pest control team can begin to work on eliminating the infestation. No matter where carpenter ants are nesting, be it in the still of the peak of the attic, our treatment is proven effective. Many companies still insist on interior treatments, but Secured Environments Pest and Wildlife has been solving even severe carpenter ant infestations for years with one simple exterior treatment. We also warranty our service for a year, so if you ever have another problem, we will come back free of charge!

Another invaluable service we perform is a pest vulnerability inspection. After your home is treated, we will perform a thorough inspection and give you tips on how to make your home naturally less attractive to pests. These suggestions and tips, although simple, can end up saving you money and irritation! For instance, mulch should never be laid down thick enough to where it touches siding. If it does, it will not only rot wood siding (and basement windows), but make a perfect habitat for carpenter ants, termites, and host of other pests!

We are here to help! Contact Secured Environments Pest and Wildlife and let us help you solve your ant problem!

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