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Embracing Spring: Understanding Raccoons and Effective Control Measures

April 10, 2024

Secured Environments and Wildlife Services - Raccoons

As spring blossoms forth with its vibrant colors and warmer temperatures, it also marks the return of various wildlife, including the mischievous raccoon. Known for their curious nature and dexterous paws, raccoons can be both fascinating and troublesome creatures, particularly when they invade our homes and properties. Understanding these masked bandits and implementing effective control measures is essential for maintaining harmony between humans and wildlife during the spring season.

Meet the Raccoon

Raccoons, with their distinctive black masks and ringed tails, are native to North America and are incredibly adaptable creatures. While they primarily inhabit forests and wooded areas, they are also commonly found in urban and suburban environments, scavenging for food and shelter.

Spring Habits of Raccoons

During the spring months, raccoons become more active as they emerge from their winter dens in search of food and potential nesting sites. They are opportunistic omnivores, feeding on a varied diet that includes fruits, vegetables, insects, small mammals, and even garbage. As nocturnal animals, they are most active during the night, making it challenging to spot their movements.

Raccoon Control Measures

While raccoons play a vital role in their ecosystems, their presence can sometimes lead to conflicts with humans, especially when they raid trash cans, damage property, or take up residence in attics, chimneys, or crawl spaces. Here are some effective control measures to mitigate raccoon-related issues:

  • Secure Trash Bins: Use sturdy, animal-proof trash cans with tight-fitting lids to prevent raccoons from accessing food sources in your yard.
  • Eliminate Food Sources: Avoid leaving pet food outdoors, and secure compost piles to discourage raccoons from scavenging for food on your property.
  • Seal Entry Points: Inspect your home for any potential entry points, such as gaps in siding, vents, or chimneys, and seal them off to prevent raccoons from gaining access to your attic or crawl space.
  • Install Motion-Activated Lights and Sprinklers: Raccoons are nocturnal animals and are sensitive to light and noise. Installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers can deter them from entering your yard or garden.
  • Seek Professional Assistance: If raccoon infestations persist despite your efforts, it may be necessary to seek assistance from wildlife control professionals like Secured Environments Pest and Wildlife Services. They have the expertise and tools to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property.

Responsible Coexistence

As we welcome the arrival of spring and the resurgence of wildlife activity, it's essential to foster a spirit of responsible coexistence with creatures like raccoons. By understanding their habits and implementing effective control measures, we can strike a balance that ensures both human and wildlife well-being.

Contact Secured Environments and Wildlife Services to learn more about raccoon control.

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