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How Do You Get (and Get Rid Of) Bed Bugs in Your House?

July 1, 2022       Bookmark and Share

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You might be wondering how bed bugs get into your home. Well for starters these bugs are known for their hitch-hiking abilities. If suddenly you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home, there's a great chance they stealthily crept their way in as a hitcher on your clothing or luggage.

If you recently purchased secondhand furniture such as couches and mattresses, there are likely bed bugs that lodge in the seams or folds. Make sure to thoroughly check it for any evidence of bed bugs such as eggs, cast skins, fecal spotting, or the bugs themselves. Grab a flashlight and check the item particularly the seams or folds in fabric.

In many cases, hotel/motel lodging are the primary source for bed bug infestation within your home. So, whenever you travel, be sure these pesky hitchhikers don't get into your stuff and into your home. You may conduct your own inspection to your hotel room before you unpack your things. When you return home, be sure to inspect your suitcase, and wash all packed clothing in hot water in order to kill any luggage stowaways.

In the unfortunate circumstance where these pests made their way into your home, your solution is very simple. You need professional exterminating services. Contact Pembroke’s Secured Environments immediately for bed bug control and extermination. Time is of the essence when battling bed bugs since they breed continually.

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