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Let the Professionals Deal with Your Rodent Problems

January 10, 2024

Secured Environments Pest & Wildlife Services - Rodent Exclusion

Rats are noted to be notorious for sneaking into your homes and helping themselves to your food supply, even potentially causing damage by chewing on furniture or even wires or cables. They carry lethal diseases. With pest control services, homeowners get rid of all types of rodents including both rats and mice safely.

Do not let disease-carrying rats compromise your well-being. Homes and other structures that are infested are assessed for the required treatment mode and the insecticide needed. Pest control services will provide you with rodent control service which will facilitate your home to get rid of this rat in no time at all. Our top-quality rodent control services are at reasonable prices. We use the best chemicals which are free from toxic elements for eradicating rodents from your home. Hygienic pest control treatment reduces pest infestation to tolerable levels through the application of several insecticide formulations that are both relatively safe and long lasting. For rodent and mice control, there are slow acting bait with poison on infested and non-infested areas inside and outside the homes for the abatement of the existing rodent population. There are also mechanical controls with the use of rat-trap, glue boards and stickers.

Rats are well-known carriers of diseases. Get them removed before they damage the property and cause a lot of sicknesses. There are safe removal methods for every pest problem. Take precautions and call Secured Environments Pest & Wildlife Services for our expert services to exterminate the root cause.

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