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Pests Are Moving into Your Home This Winter

December 16, 2022

Secured Environments - Mice inside a home during winter

Sure, they don’t ring the doorbell, but rest assured they are arriving and the carry dangerous luggage. When it comes to harmful pests, if you see one, then rest assured there are two, twenty-two, or more that are out of plain view. You need to get on top of that!

Here are the common pests that have checked into your home recently having completely regarded your “No Vacancy” sign:

Mice - House mice love to take shelter in secluded areas such as the attic and basement. We are very aware how destructive these rodents are. They would chew on drywall and wires which can start an electrical fire. They can also be a source of contamination. It's a good idea to seek rodent exclusion services.

Cockroaches - Human homes are perfect habitat for cockroaches particularly the German Cockroaches. They would simply hitchhike through bags, boxes and other items and get into your home. Since they love moisture, you would find them usually in kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches carry bacteria and can contaminate your food. They could also trigger allergies and worsens your asthma symptoms.

Spiders - Brown Recluse Spiders specifically, prefer to stay in undisturbed places such as the crawlspaces, attics, basements, and closets. These spiders should be properly removed as they can bite. Worst is they are venomous which can endanger humans.

Raccoons - These wild animals at times enter homes through the chimney in pursuit of nesting sites. Although these creatures are cute, they are a major host of rabies in the US.

If you spot any of these pests in or around your home, tap Pembroke’s trusted pest experts to expertly and humanely evict them from their un-welcomed stay. That’s what we do. Contact Secured Environments and take back your home for you and your family, only!

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