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Prevent Pest Infestation Through Spring Cleaning

April 7, 2022       Bookmark and Share

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Welcome back to our Pembroke pest control blog where we invest time and energy to help out all our friends and neighbors manage pest and wildlife challenges. Today we’re going to list for you a few things you can do around your home to limit your exposure to pests. Sure, in some instances your going to need the assist of pest and wildlife service professionals, but you can do a lot yourself by following these simple guidelines.

The following spring-cleaning tips can help keep pests at bay:

Lessen moisture

Mosquitoes, termites, roaches and rodents are attracted to water. Make sure to check your pipes kitchen and bathroom sinks for leaks and drips. They usually tend to linger in these areas of your home. Get rid of any standing water!

Do some decluttering

Since you tend to stuff the basement or garage with so many things, it becomes the perfect place for pests to hide themselves as the clutter serves as shelter. Decluttering your storage area can help prevent infestation by removing possible pest hideouts.

Close possible entry points

Check for any cracks, holes or crevices around your home that can serve as potential portal of entry for pests. Seal these access points to your home. Doing this also promotes better home insulation.

Do Deeper Inspection

Dig deeper and look for critter eggs that are hidden in secluded areas of your home. Hiring a residential pest control expert is also highly recommended as they have a better skill in tracking down infestations in concealed parts of your home.

Store Food Properly

Make sure to store food in sealed containers well. Clean up immediately any spills of drinks or food scraps as they draw pests into your home.

Close Garbage Lids Properly

Make sure garbage lids are tightly fitted and properly sealed. Don’t leave plastic bags full of trash laying around the outside of your house. Trash bins are a possible buffet for rummaging vermin.

Maintain Your Garden Clean

Mow your lawns regularly to reduce weeds and accumulation of leaves or unwanted vegetation. Lawn clippings provide an ideal breeding place for flies. Make sure to avoid piles of it.

Lastly, clean up pest droppings immediately. Pests tend to scarf down these ready made pieces of food.

In case you discover a pest infestation in your home that is beyond your control, have professional pest service find a better solution for this problem. Contact Secured Environments for safe pest control and removal.

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