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Termite Inspection and Treatment Services

August 18, 2023

Secured Environments - Termite Inspection

If you and your home are not currently protected by a professional termite inspection, you should strongly consider acting now. Don’t wait until you witness termites skittering down your home’s wood surfaces. When you see that, your home is already under attack with damage done. If you do nothing else, start by checking your attic, all your home’s cracks and joints and fuse boxes.

Most common type of evidence that your home’s foundation is under attack is the hollow wood. If you knock or tap on the wood and hear a hollow sound, it is clear you have termites. There are some sounds which you will hear a strange clicking coming from inside of your walls. That is because some soldier termites detect a threat and signal dangers to other termites by banging their heads against the wood and shaking their bodies. For other termites who are setting off to create a new colony, they shed their wings, often in piles. If you see a bunch of scattered wings, they will be from termites. Termites damage drywall and they let moisture enter the space between the surface and the paint which causes paint to bubble or peel. If you notice this sign, you may have a termite infestation. And if you see small, granular, oval pellets on your door frames, baseboards, and windowsills, they will be frass or termite droppings.

Above are some common scenarios which are visible in identifying termites’ infestation. There are several ways that will make your home less appealing or unavailable to termites. Check on the leaks because termites live without moisture. Keep your home dry to keep it at bay, especially your roof and air conditioner. Clean gutters and pipes and lastly fill in cracks and crevices. Keep termites away from damaging your home.

Contact Secured Environments to do termite treatment service immediately.

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