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How Bats Provide You Chemical-Free Pest Control

October 17, 2023

Secured Environment

We all think about bats during this spooky time of year but do not start screaming just yet. While they get a bad rap, bats are super important to the environment. They provide chemical-free pest control which protects your crops and your health, too.

Bats are far from scary and provide vital ecosystem services such as pollinators, pest control and seed spreaders. Bats will help in pest control and pollinating plants. They are helpful because they are an excellent source of insect pest control. There are insectivorous bats that help control pests, supporting agricultural yield. Bats are very important to the environment around us as they play a critical role in pest control and plant pollination. A single bat will eat a thousand insects in one night, including mosquitoes that bite people and spread diseases. There are areas where bats even repel certain insects frequently with the sound waves of their calls. The farming areas outside the park also benefit from the presence of bats because many insects that bats eat are agricultural pests. You will easily attract bats to your property with a bat house.

Further, bat guano is among the best fertilizers in the world, and given that bats remain protected where guano is harvested will be considered a renewable resource. Lastly, bats are pollinators. Some plants rely on bats for pollination. Bat-friendly farmers leave a small part of their crop standing for bats to use because the agave will be harvested to make tequila before it blooms.

However, if you have bats lingering at your home and kind of bothers you, our licensed and insured technicians can humanely remove and exclude the animal. Contact Secured Environment today!

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